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Custom Suit | Tailored Suit in Hong Kong

The garments you have made for me define my personal style and make me very happy.

Reviewed 26 Oct 2016

I just wanted to say hello to you and wish you my best regards. As I often do, I thought of you a few times in the past couple days. I just changed over my closet and took my summer suits and jackets out. In their place, I put the many beautiful fall jackets and suits you have made for me. I cleaned things out very nicely at that time and now my closet is as I like it - very orderly, right down to shirts by color. I marvelled at all of the beautiful things you have made for me and that I enjoy all the time.

Then this morning I ran out to get our newspaper. It was just above freezing - deep frost on everything. I went upstairs and pulled out the grey, herringbone flannel suit you made for me and put it on. It is one of my favorite things you have done for me. So comfortable and also warm. And of handsome.

The garments you have made for me define my personal style and make me very happy. I appreciate that very much. Beyond the garments, I appreciate our frienship very much and I will find a way to bring my wife to see you one day. I’m working hard to realize that dream.

I hope all is well with you, your family and your business.

- Michael Krentzman -

I've never had more comfortable clothes”

Reviewed 21 Oct 2015

On September 18th I came to your store in Hong Kong and ordered 2 suits and 5 shirts. Best thing I ever did! Everything came in less than 2 weeks and was perfect. I've never had more comfortable clothes.

- Beat Barblan -

“High Value for Competitive Prices ”

Reviewed 20 June 2015

Not planned, but after experiencing the professional service I ordered 2 suits. Mr Happy was a very enthusiastic sales person. There was 1 fitting needed 2 days later and my suits were ready in 2 days. I could have ordered shirts too, maybe next time. Looking forward visiting them again.

- Imrich L -

“ Cloths ”

Reviewed 20 June 2015

very good quality materials, fast and efficient service,highly recommend this shop especially if you are short in time, very important,,,very good prices......

- Pierre Z -

“ Excellent quality and perfect service ”

Reviewed 17 June 2015

I bought two suits, a trenchcoat and six shirts, all items were made within 3 days. L&K Tailor delivered first class quality and the service offered by a lovely lady called Anju was perfect.

- Christian K -

“ Terrible quality... ”

Reviewed 16 June 2015

Me and my boyfriend went to get matching suits when we were on vacation in Hong Kong. My boyfriends suit seems okay, but he hasn't actually worn it. However, mine not so much. I got a dress and a jacket made. The lining color of the jacket was wrong, but I let it slide since we wouldn't have had time...

- JLSavs -

“Worth the trip just for the clothes! ”

Reviewed 15 June 2015

I was lucky enough to walk into L&K's shop a few years back in Hong Kong. I had 2 suits and a few shirts made in 1 day. For the price, quality and relaxed approach they take there isn't a better tailor out there. Unfortunately I have not been back to Hong Kong since my original visit but every year...

- James W -

“A great surprise and value ”

Reviewed 12 June 2015

I wasn't planning on leaving Hong Kong with a new wardrobe, but Kenny at L&K left me little choice...not because he held a gun to my head, but because of the great choices, workmanship and attention to detail. I ended up getting a suit, 4 pairs of pants, 5 shirts, and 4 sports jackets. All for about the price of...

- jtbrightm -

“Fantastic tailor ”

Reviewed 1 June 2015

I had a custom made suit completed in 48 hours together with 4 custom made shirts. The attention to detail was superb. Kenny and his staff made me feel very welcome and nothing was too much trouble. The day before my departure back to the UK I ordered a further 6 shirts which I will receive in about a week....

- Kevin A -

“Highly recommend ”

Reviewed 20 April 2015

I've been using L&K now for about 3 years and have recommended many clients and colleagues, most if not all are now repetitive purchasers. Usually I purchase the suits/shirts on trips to Hong Kong, however I recently purchased over email and put trust in Michael, to deliver a high quality tuxedo for my wedding along with a lovely french blue...

- Lewis P -

“Good service, fantastic value. ”

Reviewed 28 March 2015

Last year I was in Hong Kong for business and went to Kowloon for bespoke suits. I'd read numerous reviews but saw nothing that kept me from just winging it. I was talked into a shop not long after I hit Nathan Street and I ended up (days later) with two well made and perfectly fitted shirts and two sharp...

- Jamie F -

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