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Custom Suit | Tailored Suit in Hong Kong

A combination of garments made from same fabric including a jacket and a trouser is termed as "suit" in fashion and clothing. Suits originally came in existence from Britain as country wear which have now become the most common style of formal wear all over the world.

Suits can be worn in daily walks of life and in various places like work, wedding, social gathering, formal conferences and meetings etc. Depending on the type of design, cut and cloth, such as two and three piece or single breasted and double breasted, determine the social and work suitability of the garment.

Suits can be sold in many ways; few of them are as follows:

1.Bespoke Suits :
A custom made suit which have provisions to hand pick each and every part of the suit and get it stitched from the choice of fabric to the choices of cufflinks and inner suit linings as well, bespoke tailoring is one of the major tailoring arts which are appreciated since ages.

2. Made to measure suits:
Here, a predefined design is selected by customer and then the design and dimensions are altered and made with the customers wish.

3. Ready-to-wearsuits:
These types of suits are the most generalized sized suits which always have a buffer 1-2 inch of fitting and gets fit with almost every body type.

4. Discretesuits :
These type of suits are combination of the best fitted pant and shirt along with a contrasted blazer or coats; these type of suits creates variety of fabric combinations.

Why Bespoke Suits from L & K Bespoke Tailors?
At L & K we provide our customers, with customization of each part of the suit as mentioned below just to make them feel what they wear and get the rich bespoke feel out of the garment which is especially crafted for them.

Parts of a suit -

The Cut

The tailored balance from both the sides is what makes a suit to stand out; the main specialty of a suit is its finishing and fitting which should be drawn from a canvas fitting frame which allows the garment to be shaped perfectly from neck to the shoulders without leaving any wrinkles or unfit sections.

The two main cuts are :
1.Single Breasted Suits :
The sides overlap very slightly, with a single column of buttons.

2.Double Breasted Suits :
A design with two columns of buttons, spanned by a large overlap of the left and right sides.

Wool is the most preferable fabric from which a suit is drawn. The main yarns for a suit which produce worsteds arewoolens. These can be woven in a number of ways producing fresco ,tweed,flannel, and gabardine among others.Each fabric have its own weight and feel where the fineness of these are described as an S (or Super S) number describing the fineness of the fibers measured by average fiber diameter,the finer the fabric the more it would be delicate and subtle.


Front Buttons
Single-Breasted suits usually have two or three buttons where as other unusual suits which have four buttons are usually diner suits with a black tie. Four or more buttoned suits are very rare to find whereas zoot suits have as many as six buttons due to their long length and fit. The other main factor in a jacket is the placement of buttons which defines the comfort of a suit while sitting and standing; mainly the suit have 2 buttons which are tied together and other one lies inside of the suit piping but can be used to button the suit in a more comfortable way.

Double-breasted jackets have half of their buttons useful,as the second row is for display purposes only. Some rare jackets have an unusual style of button rows as these styles have evolved from late 1970s where the suits used to have as many as eight buttons from which six were useful and other will settle the overlap on the six buttons.

The jacket's lapels can be notched or stepped, peaked or pointed and shawl. Every lapel style carries different design and look, and is worn with variety of suits.The notched lapels are found on single-breasted jackets which are most casual in style.

Double-breasted jackets mostly come with peaked lapels. Shawl lapels are a style derived from the Victorian informal evening wear, which are not normally seen except for dinner suits.

Jackets and Coats have many styles of pockets from inner pockets to main outer pockets which are mostly patch, flap or besom pockets.The patch style pockets are with its single piece of fabric stitched directly upon the front of the jacket; these patch pockets have a sporting look and are seen on summer linen suits.

The flap pocket is the most generally preferred pocket style for side pockets having a top flap of the same color and fabric where as a jetted pocket is the most formal having a small strip of fabric which is taping the top and bottom of the pocket. This style is seen in formal meetings, dinners and other formal meetings.

Suits in almost every style have four to five buttons on each sleeve whereas the sleeves are sewn from top of the shoulder to wrist of the hand and have buttons to tie at the end of the sleeve called as a cuff.

A vent is a slit/cut on the bottom rear of the suit jacket, which was invented for a sporting option which lets riding easier it is sporting in other style which are chosen as morning coats, formal coats and overcoats.Mainly today there are three styles of venting present:
1)Single Venting (The one in the Rear bottom)
2)No Venting/ Vent-less (well fitted and casual coats are mostly vent-less)
3)Double Vents(one vent on each side of the coat)
Vents are convenient and provides comfort, Vent-less style of tailoring comes from Italian tradition whereas double vented depicts the English and British culture.

Waist Coats
These coats are also known as "Vests" in AmericanEnglishdialect. Waistcoats were always worn along with a suit way back in 1940s, Due to rationing during Second World War, their existences and presence was fading away and was reappearing again and again from 1970s onwards. In those time a metal pocket watch was suspended which was hooked on a button through a button hole and these kind of watches existed. Since the First World War men started to wear a wrist watch along with a full suit apart from evening dress.
Many references can be found from the 1920s-1940s of waistcoats worn along with a suit which is unusual in today's fashion.
Traditionally the last button in the row of the jacket is kept unbuttoned because of the same reason of the vent which is to provide ease while bending or riding.

Suit Trousers are always preferred to be of the same material as of the jacket, since 1910 before invention of the sporty jackets which are worn over the odd trousers suits jackets were the choice and was seen with the odd trousers as an alternative to a suit.
As time passed by the modern style of sports jackets and suits jackets were evolving which were worn over a matching or contrasted trouser.

Many accessories are there which can be worn along with a suit few of them are Pocket Square, Cuff links, Tie pins, brooches and many more.
At L & K Bespoke Tailors, you shall get a wide variety of suits may it be single breasted, double breasted, party wear suit, formal wear suit etc.

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