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We aspire to serve you in an exceptional manner. This obligates us to present ourselves at your doorsteps. Our master craftsmen and their teams will be in your city with sample swatches of the best branded fabrics from all over the globe for your bespoke tailored suits and shirts. You will have the luxury of choosing the fabric of your choice before you place an order with us. You may select from a wide range of fabrics imported from the most reputed manufacturers all over the globe. The fabrics include wide selection of finest British and English bespoke fabrics such as Super 100’s, 120’s, 130’s, 150’s, 160’s besides Cashmere, Merino Wool, Mohair, Bamboo, Scottish Harris Tweed, Irish Donagal Tweed from world famous mills such as Dormeuil, Scabel Wainshiell, Holland and Sherry, Emenegildo Zegna. You choose the fabric of your choice and our craftsmen will transform them into pieces of art that blend with your contours and give you the feeling on oneness with your dress.

We are just a click away from you. Clicking below on the city will apprise you of our itinerary. It will also display the venue where we will have our mini workshop ready to take your measurements in the utmost professional manner. Schedule your appointment with us.

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