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Waist coat being a supplementary piece of fine clothing is worn over shirt usually and below coat as a part of three piece suit for men. The waist coat is often accompanied by a traditional neck tie or a bow tie.

While you are a man of performance and along with it your appearance also matters the most. Just remember only one name i.e. L & K Bespoke Tailors to get your bespoke waist coats stitched from and get the look which is talk of the town.

The waist coat is often worn as single breasted but we can make also double breasted waist coats for you.

Single breasted waist coats come with one row of buttons straight down the front and the waistcoat covers only overlap to do the buttoning.A double-breasted waistcoat has two rows of buttons, and the front overlaps sufficiently to allow both flaps to be attached to the opposite row of buttons.

While making a choice between single breasted waist coat and double breasted waist coat it's just a matter of personal liking and choice. The more popular is the single breasted style as it is more prominent and considered every day wear as well. But if you like to stand out of the general crowd and make your own style statement then double breasted is the one for you.

Also if you are planning to wear a patterned waist coat then go for single breasted as double breasted often are unusual looking stuff and go best only on plain fabrics and brighter color tones.

At L & K Bespoke Tailors, you shall get each minute point covered while getting your waist coat stitched from our expert master tailors who excel making in waist coats for all occasions and even regular wear.

Your waist coats are hand cut and hand-made and are fully canvassed bespoke custom tailor made waist coats with no use of machines unlike factory made waist coats which are made to measure and then altered according to the customer's measurements.

Once you are enrolled with us you can also design your own waist coat online on our website through our design tool, What's more you can also select fabrics, linings, styles, darts, buckles, bottoms, buttons, backs, lapels and even top and bottom stitching styles. Upon this you can have your measurement record with us on our website handy for your next order.

That's it please fix an appointment with us now or Buy Men's Waistcoat Online and get your bespoke tailor made waist coat online with us.

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Our series of Tailor Made Waistcoats provide impeccable fits and styling details that are as per the latest trends ruling the market. We craft them as per the styling of rest of the outfit depending if it has to be worn beneath the suit jacket or separately for a more eased out and modern look. The Tailor Made Wedding Waistcoats are adorned beneath the suits and tuxedos for a sturdier look and feel of the entire outfit.

tailor made waistcoats in hong kong

Put a stylish foot forward by ordering your Tailor Made Waistcoats in Hong Kong from our store.

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