L & K Custom Tailor makes tailor made and made to measure trousers with best fitting all over the Hong Kong and at reasonable prices
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Why L & K Bespoke Tailors?

L & K Bespoke Tailor is amongst the most popular tailors in Hong Kong and offers best customize tailoring services in the country and across the world. Every single fabric used my us is high-quality and offers maximum comfort. We, Hong Kong’s best bespoke tailor offer you with vivid fabric options which include famous names like Holland and Sherry, Scabal, Marzoni, Dormeuil, ErmenegildoZegna, Canali, LoroPiana, Fin-TesSrl, Vitale, Bower Roebuck, Barberis Canonico and so on. The patterns, design and stitching we provide matches to the level of the class of this fabric and produces the luxurious trouser. Our crafted products are by the best bespoke tailors of Hong Kong who are highly skilled and expertise in bespoke tailoring. The customers walking to our store will have an exact combination of quality at a reasonable tailoring value.

Know what bespoke tailor means:

Bespoke tailoring is the best way of getting the appropriate desired fittings. With a best custom tailor, the customer can be a part of every phase of designing the trouser and every minute detail are incorporated into the final product. The top 10 tailors in Hong Kong would also recommend you to have a bespoke trouser for self.

Go deep about trousers and its origin:

Trousers are among the most common attire we find people wearing and it is the cloth that drapes the lower body of an individual and unlike skirts it covers each leg separately. There exists confusion between the two terms used in this context which is “trousers” and “pants”. Few countries consider it same and few have confidence in in different meanings. For example in United Kingdom, “pants” specifically means underwear but in United States “pants” mean the same like “trousers”.

The popularity of trousers has been into existence since ancient times and carried till up to the modern generations of today. The trend of wearing trousers was than widely accepted and appreciated by women in mid-20th century. The tailoring of trousers hence forth was in fashion with many sub categories like jeans, leggings, chinos etc.

Choose the best custom tailor in Hong Kong:

Why wait longer for supreme comfort and excellent looks? Talk to us today and book yourself an appointment to enter the world of best bespoke tailor in Hong Kong. Our expertise will tailor the Grade-A garment for you.

tailor made trousers and made to measure trousers

We at L & K Bespoke Custom Tailors are renowned for offering top quality Tailor Made Trousers for men providing fits that are flawless in nature providing effortless style and comfort. The collection of Made to Measure Trousers from our house are tailored as per your taste, exact measurements, lifestyle and type of occasion in styles like straight cuts, comfort fits, chinos, single pleated, double pleated and more.

custom made pants hong kong

Your Custom Made Pants in Hong Kong are made using fabrics in hues of blacks, browns, greys, blues and other classic shades defining the realms of power dressing concept for men.

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