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Custom Tailoring

Custom tailoring is nothing but getting your garments stitched by a custom tailor who will design and make your garments exactly as per requirement and body measurements. While making a custom suit from a bespoke tailor the process involves everything to be customized right from basic step of fabric selection to button selection which involved vents, linings, pocket styles, single breasted suit style, double breasted suit style etc...

To get a perfect fitting of your garments may it be suits, shirts, trousers, jackets, tuxedos or any type of garment it's required to have a bespoke couture added to it by a custom tailor. If you will compare the made to measure garments bought just off the rack and the garments which are specially crafted for you by a custom tailor, the custom tailored clothes make a huge difference not only in appearance but in style, fit, colors of your own choice, fabric choice as per your body likings etc... and more over a freedom to customize everything or anything in your garment you are getting stitched by a custom tailor.

All over world there are a few cities which are best known for their best bespoke tailoring in United States we have New York, in the United Kingdom we have Savile Row in London, and in Asia we have Bangkok and Hong Kong which is the best known for its custom tailors all over the world. The quality of a bespoke suit stitched in Hong Kong is better as compared to Bangkok, New York or the Savile Row suits of the London, United Kingdom.

Bespoke Custom Tailored Shirt

What is a bespoke custom tailored shirt?

Why should I go for a bespoke custom tailored shirt rather than a made to measure shirt?

Bespoke custom tailored shirts are basically shirts which are made according to your specifications and measurements rather than made to measure shirts which are made for a generalized fitting to a mass of people. It's rightly said that your clothes can make you or even break you. To get yourself made it is highly recommended to wear a shirt with a perfect fitting to match your style quotient in front of your colleagues, family members, co-workers etc...

Where can I get a proper bespoke shirt which is made by a custom tailor?

Why are you worried, you have come to the right place, i.e. L & K Bespoke Tailors of Hong Kong, this is the only tailor in Hong Kong which cuts your shirt by hand and even makes your shirt by hand, rather than the other custom tailors in Hong Kong who make false commitments of making your hand cut and hand-made shirts. At L & K hand cut means hand cut likewise hand-made means hand-made. So come on what are you waiting for, come let's get you measured to get you a nice perfect fitting bespoke custom tailored shirt.

Sports Jackets For Men

What is a sports jacket?

A jacket which is made for a man exactly resembling a suit jacket but to be worn for an informal wear is known as a sports jacket. A sports jacket can be worn on Fridays at your work place or a social informal gathering between your friends or some functions where casual dressing or a semi-formal dressing suffices. Sports jackets are usually made in checks material and cashmere wool fabric. Usually it's a single breasted jacket worn by men.

Why to wear a bespoke custom tailor made sports jacket?

Custom sports jackets are majorly in trend and variety of jacket styles are available in the market. The jacket is actually a practical solution for keeping warm when it is chilly outside. If you are searching for the functional fitting with less padding on the shoulder part than selecting a sporty jacket is the good option to get the original fitting and shape. Jackets have been a must have essential in everyone's wardrobe for quite some time now. If you need to make an impression and really feel the need to stand out then you've got to visit L & K Bespoke Tailors.

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