Best Tailors in Hong Kong, L & K Custom Tailor is one of the leading and Top 10 Tailors in Hong Kong, serving it's clients all over the world.
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Welcome to the one of the most Reasonable and Best Custom Tailors in Hong Kong

Why LK Tailor?

why we are the best bespoke tailors of hong kong
You choose The Best Tailor in Hong Kong for its wisdom in style, who are the most famous tailors in Hong Kong and has been into this business since decades and has delivered each genre with perfection every time, the talent we have been carrying on board is sufficient for all the suiting and shirting ideas one can think of. We are the best online tailor who make custom tailored suits and custom mens shirts at a reasonable price.

Who We Are?

We are a passionate team of people who regularly come up with many new fashion styles and make a mark of it in the style industry, we are a team of top 10 custom tailors in Hong Kong who have been working on suits and shirts since decades and have a lot in their back pack regarding suiting and shirting. Along with this we have a team of younger generation who has a nerve of creating modern and innovative cuts for that fine look...

What We Do?

Every garment you order with us is specially hand cut and hand made and built exclusively for You. Our tailor made suits in Hong Kong and tailored shirts Hong Kong provide you the best bespoke feel every time you wear as they are built with full hand sewn canvas. You can even order your bespoke shirts online and online tailored suits by the best online tailor

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Clients Testimonials

Not planned, but after experiencing the professional service I ordered 2 suits. Mr Happy was a very enthusiastic sales person. There was 1 fitting needed 2 days later and my suits were ready in 2 days. I could have ordered shirts too, maybe next time. Looking forward visiting them again.

Imrich L

I bought two suits, a trenchcoat and six shirts, all items were made within 3 days. L&K Tailor delivered first class quality and the service offered by a lovely lady called Anju was perfect.

Christian K

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Top 5 Tailors in Hong Kong

Being in the coveted list of Top 5 Tailors in Hong Kong and Top 10 Tailors in Hong Kong, the term bespoke is just not the middle name of our brand but we live by it every single day earning us the tag of finest Custom Tailors in Hong Kong. We keep our customers’ taste, lifestyle, body language and exact measurements at the focal point of every stitch and weave providing impeccable fits and intricate styling details. Our collection of bespoke suits, tuxedos, sports jackets, leather jackets and blazers are the best picks for events like weddings, engagements, receptions and red carpet making you the cynosure of every occasion and us the Special Tailors in Hong Kong. Our collection of fashion staples like shirts and trousers break away the mundane of regular choices as we craft them in array of styles using fabrics in various prints, patterns and textures making us the Famous Tailors in Hong Kong

Very Good Tailors in Hong Kong

Staying true to our label our Very Good Tailors in Hong Kong, we use the rare approach of blending evergreen styles having a futuristic approach of fashion in mind making the garments come out in their full glory getting us the marquee of Best Tailors in Hong Kong. We are also renowned in the city of Hong Kong and across the globe for providing affordable fashion luxury as the garments from our house doesn’t pinch your pockets hard making us the Reasonable Tailors in Hong Kong.

Best Custom Tailors in Hong Kong

Order your bespoke suits and other favourite garments now from top notch Bespoke Tailors in Hong Kong

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